Take the guesswork out of trading to benchmarks

The wisest investment you'll ever make.

Easily mitigate risk by evaluating highest risk positions vs. proposed positions to discover outliers and quickly act.

The unified, cloud-native nature of our end-to-end platform means you always have an up-to-date NAV to size the benchmark as accurately as possible.

This functionality is tied cohesively into the OEMS where compliance is checked, and orders are routed to the market. 

Enfusion simplifies and streamlines the process through our new Trading To Benchmarks workflow. 

Built with portfolio managers in mind, Trading to Benchmarks takes the guesswork out of defining targets for large numbers of portfolios, across multiple strategies and funds simultaneously.

Using multiple, distinct strategy models, the workflow fine-tunes position sizing for order execution.

The Single Source of Truth

Enfusion connects front-to-back office through one real-time data view

 Multi-asset class coverage

 Native cloud model

 Work-from-anywhere access

Work-From-Anywhere Access

Desktop, mobile and web options give you the flexibility and freedom to monitor and manage work wherever business takes you next—meeting the modern standard for today’s distributed workforce.

Native-Cloud Model

The Enfusion Experience is a fully functioning platform over the internet, with no internal hardware infrastructure required, eliminating the ongoing burden of development and software maintenance.

Unified Dataset

In addition to integrating with external systems, Enfusion ensures one, enterprise-wide golden source of data, ensuring accurate reporting and showing automatic investment and operational activities.

Real-Time Market Data

Enfusion desktop, web and mobile incorporate FactSet-controlled access to always up-to-date, premium real-time market data across exchanges and asset classes. It is a market data solution that is unbeaten for quality, ease of use, breadth of access and value.

Weekly Updates

Scheduled weekly updates guarantee modern, enhanced functionality without any disruptive or cost-prohibitive upgrades.

Customizable Interface

Create custom layouts to fit your workflow, track the entire order flow and more with a dynamic UI across devices, giving your team a personalized multi-platform user experience.

Trusted Outsourcing

A full suite of managed services for the middle and back-office modernizes processes, adds valuable insights and outsources the work to our team of super-user experts who provide follow-the-sun support.

Plug-And-Play APIs

In our open platform, you can easily integrate a single application—or an entire suite—into your systems based on your unique needs.

Think of us as the last implementation you’ll need to do.